I have been thinking a lot about making money as an artist and how much it stinks. I have always felt that art should not be exclusive – it should be accessible to everyone. Especially when I paint purely to create something positive for you. I don’t have attachment to my art (it was never mine, it was always yours). A conduit.

So, I have decided that if you want art from me and only have a certain amount of money, no money, just services that I will absolutely meet you there. I have always been bartering and trading and sending my art out into the world freely, but now I am officially public.
If you see/saw something I created and want it to be in your life or know someone that would adore it then please contact me!
I have to create. I am prolific af. It’s all for you. Enjoy šŸ™‚

Mother’s Market

I will have my paintings, prints and cards at Lakes and Legends Brewery this Saturday the 5th for the Minneapolis Craft Market “Mother’s Market” 12-5. You can find some funky abstract work and groovy font cards. Bring a friend and get your Mother’s Day goodies!

Printed Cards.jpg

Creative Talk

This Sunday the 22nd of April 2018 (Earth Day) I will be giving a creative talk with Girlpond Productions about my womxn in natureĀ paintings and ideas about reclamation. It will take place at Z’Amore in NE Minneapolis with treats! Bring a friend and get to know your local makers